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Why choose Sundance Spas?

Sundance® Spas has been the benchmark for quality, safety, and longevity in the spa pool industry for over 40 years. Our exceptional performance has been acknowledged worldwide, with more recognition than any other spa manufacturer. If you're after a quality spa where you can soak your worries away and connect with your loved ones in your own backyard, a Sundance® Spa is for you! 

680 Series

Sundance® Edison®

If you're looking for a luxurious spa experience for a good price, the Edison® spa is ideal for you, your family and your friends. Enjoy a truly relaxing soak that will leave all your worries behind.

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780™ Series

Sundance® Bristol®

The Bristol™ Spa has a unique spiral-action lounge seat to give you maximum comfort. It also has adjustable Accu-Pressure™ jets to target specific areas and provide relief from muscle pain and tension, with a special Accu-Pressure™ therapy seat to provide comprehensive back and neck support.

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880™ Series

Sundance® Cameo®

The Cameo® spa can seat up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types. This best-selling Sundance® model has the best of everything, from illuminated grab bars to air-only aromatherapy-releasing jets.

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What sets Sundance® Spas apart

Explore how Sundance® Spas is leading the way in spa manufacturing and setting the benchmark for excellence.

Superior therapy

Ease your aches and pains, sleep better, and improve your overall well-being with the healing power of a hydrotherapy spa.

We make it easy for you

Whether you want a 2-person spa or one big enough for the whole family, we have the model for you.

Spa Pool Features

Personalise your Sundance® Spa to match your taste and decor, from the spa's colour to the cover...


Spa jets

Fluidix spa jets are exclusive to Sundance®, featuring a patented jet design that enables you to switch between a constant stream and a pulsating massage effortlessly. Unlike traditional jets, Fluidix jets do not contain parts that are prone to wear and tear or susceptible to clogging, making them a game-changer in the spa industry.


The Perfect Family Oasis

Our products create a space that fosters connections and enriches your lifestyle, strengthening bonds between couples and families. By taking you away from the distractions of everyday life, our spas provide a haven for you to express your genuine self.

The power of hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is beneficial for physical and mental health. It promotes healing, improves overall health, and has positive effects on the mind and body. By using water pressure, temperature, and buoyancy, hydrotherapy improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain.

Transform your backyard into a stunning sanctuary

Spa installation

From creating a secluded Zen garden spa to a charming spot for evening parties, or a family-friendly patio spa area, Sundance® has innovative and functional installation ideas to bring your vision to life.

We bring you peace of mind


Sundance Spas® understands that purchasing a spa involves a significant investment that's why we offer industry-leading warranties to ensure customers' peace of mind.