Sundance® Cameo®

The Cameo® spa can seat up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types. This best-selling Sundance® model has the best of everything, from illuminated grab bars to air-only aromatherapy-releasing jets.

  • Seats5-6
  • Lounge SeatsYes
  • Jets54
  • Capacity (L)1,401 L
  • Dimensions (M)2.26m x 2.26m x 0.96m


Relax in the Cameo® spa lounge and let go of all your tension with the Fluidix® jets, providing relief from your neck to your wrists to your feet. The Cameo® spa features different seating options, such as the popular, deep Accu-Ssage™ Seat and the exclusive, therapeutic Intelli-Jet™ Seat.

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Shell Colours

Platinum shell colour
Porcelain shell colour
Monaco shell colour
midnight shell colour
Silver pearl

Cabinet Colours

Series 880 Brushed Grey cabinet colour
Brushed Grey
Series 880 Vintage Oak cabinet colour
Vintage Oak
880 Series Modern Hardwood cabinet colour
Modern Hardwood

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Sundance Cameo® Features

Checkout the top features of the Sundance Cameo® Spa

Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat

Full-body immersion experience

Complete with deep neck, back, wrists, hips and calves massage

Intelli-jet™ Therapy Seat

For bold, therapeutic pressure point massage.

Lounge Seat

For full-body massage session from neck to feet.



  • Creates a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere
  • Fully adjustable suit your mood and preferences


Illuminated Grab Bars

Keeping you and your family safe is our priority, so we make entering and exiting the spa secured.


Sunside™ Cabinetry

  • UV-resistant material and easy-to-clean surface
  • Built to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty for years to come


Beverage Concierge with Cupholders

Keep your favourite beverages within arm's reach
Convenient space for snacks or other items


880™ Series I-Touch™ Control

Completely programmable
Digital touchpad control of all functions
Backlit LCD display
Advanced microprocessors that check all spa functions 60 times per second
Inverts the display image whether you're inside or outside the spa

Spa Pool Features

Personalise your Sundance® Spa to match your taste and decor, from the spa's colour to the cover.


Stainless Steel Jets

  • Reflect water and light slick look sparkles through the water
  • Factory-installed standard stainless steel jet trim


  • Exclusive UV-C technology to sanitise the water
  • No chemicals, gas or other by-products added to the water
  • Eliminates waterborne pathogens for clean, fresh, and clear water


Quick Release Door

  • Quick access to all spa components and drain
  • No tools needed
  • Drains the spa quickly to save time
  • Allows easy access to the equipment for easy maintenance


Smart Tub™ (Optional)

  • Access your spa control remotely
  • iPhone® and Android compatible
  • Instant access to your spas’ temperature, pumps, lights, and much more
  • Intuitive operation with easy-to-read screens
  • Simple plug n’ play installation to your home network


SunStrong® Extreme Spa Cover (Optional)

  • Dense foam supports heavy snow loads
  • Angled to promote run-off
  • Water & stain resistant to provide a simple wipe-clean surface
  • Superior UV resistance propertie


Detailed specification of Sundance® Cameo®

Energy Demand
Power requiremenet 230-240VAC 50Hz
Water Care
Water Management System: CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System
LightingMulticolored Sunglow™ LED lighting
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Product Compare

Sundance® Cameo®
Sundance® Bristol®
Lounge SeatsYesYes
Dimensions (M)2.26m x 2.26m x 0.96m2.13m x 2.13m x 0.92m
Capacity (L)1,401 L1,325 L
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